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innovATE – Cambodia: Desktop Study

Dana James
Tom Gill and Rick Bates
Pennsylvania State University
Date Published: 
June 15, 2013
Agriculture is and will remain an important industry to Cambodia’s development, as the agriculture sector contributes 30% of Cambodia’s GDP and employs the majority of Cambodia’s population. However, agricultural and technical training is of an uneven quality and quantity, despite the importance of agriculture to the economy. There are weaknesses in Cambodia’s education system, at the pre-university and university levels as well as in the vocational and non-formal education sector. The needs for increased English language capacity, upgraded agricultural curricula, teacher training, lower repeat/drop-out rates, infrastructure development, and up-to-date equipment all remain obstacles to improvement. These challenges have resulted in a significant gap between the skills with which students graduate and the skills that are being demanded by employers. In Cambodia, a priority for innovATE may be able to help connect vocational and technical schools and agricultural university graduates with potential employers by identifying pathways through which increased dialogue can occur and by informing educational institutions of the skills demanded by employers. InnovATE may also be able to work in conjunction with faculty at Cambodian educational institutions, in particular the Royal University of Agriculture, in order to update and upgrade agricultural curricula, develop a “teaching & research” culture and create English language certification programs.