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Integrating Gender and Nutrition within Agricultural Extension Services: A Facilitator’s Guide

Date Published: 
February 23, 2016
This facilitator’s guide has been prepared for public, private, and NGO extension providers to strengthen their capacity to address gender in a transformative manner and to integrate nutrition sensitivity in designing and facilitating workshops and trainings for men and women farmers. The guide is a template: A framework for facilitators to adapt and modify to their distinct cultural and agricultural settings as they increase their understanding of integrating gender and nutrition into existing agricultural extension programming. 
The guide is organized by a series of sessions. The sessions have been developed with a Training of Trainers (TOT) focus to encourage a multiplier effect with participants sharing the knowledge and skills within their individual organizations. Each session has the following components: 
  • Instructions to participants explaining what the workshop participants are doing during each session, written in italics as if the facilitator is talking directly to the participants. 
  • The estimated time for the session. 
  • The materials needed. 
  • The reason why the session is included in the workshop.
  • Notes that outline what the facilitator needs to be doing during the session with questions and comments for participants written in italics.
  • The guide assumes that two people will be facilitating the workshop alternating between sessions. While one person is facilitating a session, the other person is capturing participants’ responses and/or notes on what to improve for future workshops. 
The type of learning taking place during the session: 
Connecting with what the participants already know based on their past experiences. 
Examining new information, skills, and attitudes. 
Doing something with the new information, skills, and attitudes. 
Applying what the participants have learned to their work.