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Investing in Soil Cases and Lessons from AGRA’s Soil Health Programme

Date Published: 
December 1, 2014

Soil is one of the most overlooked ingredients in farming and yet it exists right beneath farmers’ feet. Healthy, fertile soils are an imperative starting point for agro-based development. But Africa’s soils are among the most degraded in the world. And this degradation continues as a result of deforestation, overgrazing of grasslands, continuous deep ploughing and inappropriate use that leads to the “mining” and depletion of soil nutrients.

Yet agriculture does not have to degrade soils. Good agriculture can, and should, restore nutrients, conserve water and prevent soil erosion. In this book, AGRA demonstrates its commitment to improving soil health by managing the nexus between soil and agriculture, creating solutions and moving beyond demonstrations to showcase success stories that can be scaled up. This book will deepen the debate on alleviating hunger and poverty across Africa. The focus is on the ground below our feet – which, after all, is the most important ingredient in agriculture.