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Policy Brief: Rural Extension with an Inclusive Rural Development Approach

Date Published: 
May 14, 2012

Extension with a focus on inclusion and development supports innovations in the productive systems of family farms, the creation of more and better job opportunities, and focuses on ensuring that the most vulnerable people access a variety of subsistence strategies and means of living. This paper explores several challenges that need to be addressed so that extension systems can prove their effectiveness in the reduction of rural poverty. Some of the challenges include:

  • Exploring and understanding the priorities and characteristics of those living in poverty in rural territories;
  • Gaining more knowledge of the markets’ demands;
  • Rethinking innovative financing strategies for the provision of services, which is an especially key issue in countries with limited fiscal resources; and
  • Developing innovations and updating technical staff members’ knowledge of them.

A Spanish version of this publication is available at the RELASER Website.