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Policy Brief: Women in Cross-Border Agricultural Trade

Read the recap of the #AskAg Twitter Chat on Women in Cross-Border Agricultural Trade with the USAID EAT project.

Agricultural sector strategies increasingly recognize the critical contributions that women make to food security and agriculture-led growth. While much attention has been given to women as producers, the role of women in cross-border trade should not be overlooked. Security, mobility, and service delivery constraints can disproportionately limit women’s access to markets, particularly markets across borders. Increasing opportunities for formal cross-border agricultural trade by women has the potential to generate economic growth and increase food security while reducing poverty among vulnerable households.

About the EAT project
The Enabling Agricultural Trade (EAT) project, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), supports the U.S. government’s global efforts to create conditions for agricultural growth. USAID established EAT based on substantial academic and field experience suggesting that a sound legal, regulatory, and institutional environment is a prerequisite to economic growth in the agricultural sector. EAT offers a suite of targeted and customizable analytical tools and implementation support to identify, diagnose, and reform agribusiness enabling environment (AgBEE) constraints that hinder start up and growth across the agricultural sector.