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Savelugu Nanton Extension Delivery Improvement Project (SNEDIP): An Innovative Approach to Institutional Strengthening and PublicPrivate Partnership in Extension

Date Published: 
March 10, 2016

Agricultural extension in Ghana is undergoing transitions towards participatory approaches, market-driven extension models, decentralization, and pluralism. However, in 2012 USAID’s centrallyfunded Modernizing Extension and Advisory Services (MEAS) project conducted a Rapid Scoping Mission of Ghana’s extension system that found that significant challenges remain in operationalizing these transitions. Farmer-based organizations (FBOs) are often poorly coordinated, face financial management challenges, and struggle with inadequate capacity in market-driven agriculture and high post-harvest losses. At the same time, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA) suffers from capacity deficiencies, logistical challenges, and funding constraints that affect the availability and quality of services it is able to provide to farmers. Addressing these gaps requires greater investment in developing the capacity of MoFA extension officers and strengthening the delivery of market-oriented extension training to farmerbased organizations in order for farmers to have the information and support required to improve their livelihoods, resiliency, and productivity.