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Saving Fish and Fishers

Date Published: 
January 1, 2004

This World Bank Fisheries Sector Approach Paper has been written in recognition of the mounting challenges that the World Bank and the developing world face in meeting the fishery sector-related Millennium Development Goals and the outcomes of the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development. It augments the Bank’s Rural Strategy, Reaching the Rural Poor, which advocates a holistic approach to rural poverty reduction, and support for equitable growth. This paper also builds on the World Bank’s Environmental Strategy, Making Sustainable Commitments, a major pillar of which is the protection of the regional and global commons, in addition to the improvement in the quality of life and the quality of growth of the World Bank’s clients. However, this Approach Paper treats the needs of the sector in greater depth, focusing in particular on the improvement of the livelihoods of the millions of poor fishers, and the sustainability of the inland and marine regional and global commons, which define the quality of life of their users.