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Scaling Up: From Vision to Large-Scale Change (MSI Framework and Toolkit)

Date Published: 
December 1, 2012

With support from the MacArthur and the Packard Foundations, MSI spent a decade developing, applying and disseminating methods and tools for scaling up innovative solutions to address major social problems in the developing world. The explicit goals of these grants were to improve the design and selection of pilot projects based on scalability criteria and to develop interventions that significantly increase the proportion of pilot projects that achieve and sustain large scale impact.

MSI has worked with 20 NGOs in India, Nigeria and Mexico to reach more people and have a greater impact on the people they serve. MSI first developed a methodology for “scaling up” based on fieldwork conducted in Mexico and Nigeria. MSI then extended its work to support the “scaling up” of successful pilot projects in India.

The Scaling Up Management Framework that emerged from this work is organized around a three-step, ten-task, process. It includes 10 pathways or strategies that have been successfully used for scaling-up. The associated Scaling Up Toolkit was completed in late 2012. This book includes tools and guides such as a 28-item Scalability Assessment Checklist that supports the steps and tasks. The Toolkit is designed for hands-on application, with descriptions, instructions, samples and case studies. Both publications are targeted at practitioners and funders charged with designing or selecting pilot projects to maximize their potential for large-scale impact, and at managers of pilot projects hoping to scale-up their successful innovations.

Please download, utilize, and share these documents to support your scaling work.