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Using Low-cost Video for Agricultural Development Webinar (Recording and Presentation)

Date Published: 
May 2, 2012

This webinar provided participants with an overview of some of the ways that low-cost video is currently being used with farmers to enhance the impact of agricultural development projects. It included experiences from two organizations already effectively using video with farmers, as well as information on how practitioners can begin using low-cost video on their own.


  • Gareth Benest, Director of Programmes at InsightShare, who spoke about InsightShare's experience using participatory video with farmers in Ethiopia and elsewhere. 
  • Rikin Gandhi, CEO of Digital Green, who spoke about Digital Green's experience enabling local NGOs in India and Ethiopia to effectively use low-cost video to enhance their agricultural extension services.
  • Josh Woodard , Program Officer at FHI 360, who spoke about the newly released USAID toolkit that he authored as part of the FACET project, "Integrating Low-cost Video into Agricultural Development Projects", along with other work that FACET is doing to support projects using low-cost video.