Feed the Future
This project is part of the U.S. Government's global hunger and food security initiative.

Grant Opportunity: Agricultural Biotechnology for Global Food Security

The overarching purpose of the Feed the Future Agricultural Biotechnology for Food Security Program is to enable developing-country partners to apply agricultural biotechnology to advance global food security, in support of the strategic and cross-cutting objectives of the Global Food Security Strategy (GFSS). USAID’s Agricultural Biotechnology Program aims to help partner countries and regions that choose to apply these technologies to meet two overarching conditions: (1) Partner countries have the capacity to advance agricultural biotechnology products through the product life cycle and (2) Partner countries have an enabling environment that supports the responsible application of agricultural biotechnology products.

In order to accomplish the purpose articulated in the above Theory of Change, the Feed the Future Agricultural Biotechnology for Food Security Program aims to achieve the technical objectives (1) Develop and take to scale agricultural biotechnology products that advance GFSS objectives―in the process building the capacity of local innovation- and market-system actors to support biotechnology products throughout their life cycle and (2) Support development of a biotechnology enabling environment in partner countries.

The purpose of this unfunded umbrella Annual Program Statement (APS) is to provide a structure for Operating Units and Missions to issue Addenda to further these goals. This APS does not serve as a general solicitation for agricultural biotechnology concept papers. Interested Applicants must respond to specific addenda that may be issued throughout the year by OUs related to their specific priorities, objectives, and programs.

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