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Agrilinks Celebrates the Best of 2018

As 2018 comes to a close, the Agrilinks team is reflecting on all the important food security knowledge and information our community has lived, produced, shared and reflected upon this year. Our community itself has grown from approximately 13,000 to 16,000 subscribers this year, a reflection of the multiplicative power of networks and information sharing. Over the course of the year, our site received more than 277,000 unique pageviews, many from Google searches, indicating that many people outside the Agrilinks community are seeking out and accessing the many quality resources on the site as well. So, holiday hats off to all of you!

For those who may have missed some of the year’s highlights, we present below a month-by-month recap of our key events and special themes. Check out the sidebar for a sample of some of our top viewed posts and events as well!

January: Water for Food month and its affiliated collection highlighted efforts to sustainably improve water and food security, particularly for vulnerable households across the globe.

February: Finance for Food Security month showcased the role of finance in meeting food security goals, with new posts and perspectives on ag finance consolidated into this affiliated collection.

March: Food Safety month covered the gamut of practices in food production, handling, preparation and storage to maintain food quality and prevent foodborne illness.

April: Land Tenure and Food Security month looked at the links between land, resource and marine tenure and food security, with key resources curated into this collection.

May: During Climate and Resilient Agriculture month, Agrilinks and its sister site Climatelinks featured tools and strategies to adapt to changing climate and weather patterns as well as mitigate the future risks of an uncertain climate.

June: Food Security Policy month offered a look at how policy can incentivize private sector investment; civic agency and accountability; and encourage and accelerate good development outcomes. Agrilinks piloted an “Ask the Expert” event series on food security policy topics.

July: Enabling Environment for Agricultural Market Systems month covered a range of key topics, including the private sector, analytical tools, plant protection, market systems, de-risking, resilience, and benchmarking and metrics, as recapped in this collection of technical posts.

August: Agrilinks hosted a series of Fall Armyworm events and resources to help practitioners and policymakers identify and manage this emerging pest.

September: Trends and Challenges in Agricultural Extension month showcased investments and programs that are working to build a stronger global community of practice around agricultural extension and advisory services.

October: Value-Added Food month (affiliated collection) highlighted benefits and best practices related to value-added foods, increasingly important in addressing food security, nutrition and poverty. We also announced and published the winners of our 2018 Young Scholars’ Blog Contest!

November: Resilience and Sustainable Poverty Escapes; collection and event highlighting research commissioned by the USAID Center for Resilience on the drivers of sustained and transitory poverty escapes. 

December: 2018 Photo Challenge entries start rolling in, with winners to be announced in January 2019.

Was there something you particularly enjoyed on Agrilinks this year, or something you’d like us to cover in 2019? Comment below!