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Agrilinks Digs Into Gender and Agriculture This November

Gender matters to food security. Gender influences which crops are grown and animals are raised and how. It affects who eats what, who eats first and who eats most. Gender influences everything from access to land, capital, decision-making, political power and how markets work.

This November, Agrilinks is diving headfirst into this critical, complex topic and helping unpack the multilayered issues around gender in agricultural systems in conjunction with USAID’s team of gender experts. We’re excited about the advances that have been made in recent years in gender-responsive programming within Feed the Future and the greater development community and look forward to a rich exchange on success and challenges in implementation.

To kick off the month, we’d like to share some great tools and other resources on the topic:

We hope you’ll join the conversation on gender this month and invite you to share your learning on Agrilinks!

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