Feed the Future
This project is part of the U.S. Government's global hunger and food security initiative.

Case Studies on Agricultural Finance

As part of a strategy analysis study for the Bureau for Food Security's (BFS) Office of Market and Partnership Innovations conducted through the Financing Growth mechanism in the summer of 2017, five brief case studies were produced to illustrate the type of support that USAID can provide in the agricultural finance sector. The case studies include the purpose and description of key example projects, details of the sources of capital used to achieve project goals, the project's structure and the parties involved, any major implementation barriers, financial outcomes, and development impact to date in the context of agricultural finance. The five activity categories highlighted through the case studies (with key example projects in parentheses) include:

  • Improving transaction efficiencies (Feed the Future Financing Ghanaian Agriculture Project)
  • Strengthening agricultural enterprises (Feed the Future Solutions for African Food Enterprises)
  • Developing new products (USAID's Economic Prosperity Initiative)
  • Sharing market knowledge and activities (USAID-sponsored convenings)
  • Creating strategic partnerships (Kenya Feed the Future Innovation Engine)