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This project is part of the U.S. Government's global hunger and food security initiative.

Clean Energy for Productive Use in Post-Harvest Value Chains: An Integrated Literature Review with Field Work for the Kenya and Senegal Dairy Sectors

This report highlights key findings from research conducted on the USAID-funded Energy Opportunities for Agricultural Systems and Food Security Project (E4AS Project), which expands and focuses information on how clean energy and energy efficiency can strengthen post-harvest agricultural value chains and reduce loss in targeted countries in Sub Saharan Africa, while also contributing to low emission development strategies. The project, implemented by Green Powered Technology and ACDI/VOCA, also had a strong focus on conducting gender-aware research and highlighting gender-sensitive findings. The research involved a literature review as well as field surveys and case studies conducted in Senegal and Kenya with dairy sector stakeholders during 2018.

The report presents findings around these three research questions:

1.  Post harvest clean energy opportunities: What are the key opportunities to increase renewable energy and energy efficient uptake within the farmgate-to-consumer segment?

2.  Integration  into  policy, partnerships, and planning: How can these opportunities be integrated into policy, partnerships and planning?

3.  Contributions to low emissions development goals (LEDS): What role can these opportunities for low carbon energy use in the dairy value chain play in  achieving a country’s LEDS?

Check out the accompanying infographic for a quick summary of key findings from this report, with a spotlight on dairy.   


Also available, four practical briefs that dive deeper into specific topics: