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This project is part of the U.S. Government's global hunger and food security initiative.

Collaborating, Learning and Adapting Through Agrilinks

We often think of adaptive management in the context of field activities, but it applies to knowledge-sharing efforts like websites, too. Since Agrilinks got a refresh last summer, we have been making small but steady improvements to try to make the website as accessible and easy to use as possible, while continuing to focus on quality content on topics that matter most to you.

We have made 100 tweaks to the site since its refresh, in fact! Some of these are subtle, like improving our search recipe to yield more relevant, recent content. Other tweaks an observant Agrilinks user may have noticed, like bringing back the comments feature on blog posts, improving our event registration pages and continuing to better our site for mobile users. There are dozens of other small improvements on the back end, from fighting spam to tightening security, too.

We’re constantly looking at the site for new ways to improve it and love hearing from the Agrilinks community. We look closely at the data about our web traffic to try to glean insights about what’s most popular on the site and adapt our strategies accordingly.

While our team works hard to strengthen the site, Agrilinks could not flourish without you, our 12,000+ users. The majority of Agrilinks content is user-generated, which is pretty impressive, considering we are often publishing up to two or three quality blog posts a day, in addition to the many events our users contribute to the site. Since the site originally launched in 2011, we’ve had more than 600 authors post on the site, sharing learning, tools, insights and more from across the globe. Those posts have in turn received more than 1.5 million pageviews from pretty much every corner of the world – so your content is being seen and shared far and wide.

So here’s to another year of learning, adapting and collaborating via the Agrilinks website. We hope you’ll continue to read, share, engage, debate and network through Agrilinks, toward our goal of knowledge for a food-secure future. As always, we welcome feedback and ideas at agrilinks@agrilinks.org.