Feed the Future
This project is part of the U.S. Government's global hunger and food security initiative.

Diagnosing Ag Market Challenges and Identifying Opportunities

Identifying the underlying causes of agricultural market challenges is a complex task. Given the breadth of actors and enabling environment forces — laws, customs, regulations, norms — at play in ag markets, robust methodological and analytical tools are needed to equip stakeholders to look past mere symptoms and diagnose challenges ripe for reform.

To drive evidence-based policy reform, USAID developed several topic-specific enabling environment analytical tools with benchmarking capabilities to capture and map agricultural sector performance. The Commercial, Legal and Institutional Reform (CLIR) tools and the Agriculture Business Enabling Environment Snapshot present a methodological and analytical approach that allows practitioners to conduct comparative analyses over time, generating a robust evidence base.

Check out the enabling environment reform tools below to learn how each identifies best practices to champion targeted policy reform to strengthen agriculture market systems. Each post contains practical information for the tool’s application as well as other resources.

For more information on any of these tools, please contact the Feed the Future Enabling Environment for Food Security project.