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FAO Releases 2018 Report on the State of Global Food Security and Nutrition

The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World (SOFI) 2018 report and affiliated content below was written and produced by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. For more information, contact: Thomas.Pesek@fao.org.

The number of hungry people in the world has risen for a third consecutive year according to the State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World (SOFI) 2018. The number of people suffering from hunger rose to 821 million (or one in every nine people on the planet) in 2017, as compared to 804 million people the previous year. This marks a return to levels not seen in almost a decade ago.

This reversal in progress sends a clear warning that more must be done and urgently if the Sustainable Development Goal of Zero Hunger (SDG2) is to be achieved by 2030.

The report finds that climate variability affecting rainfall patterns and agricultural seasons, and climate extremes such as droughts and floods are among the key drivers behind the rise in hunger, together with conflict and economic slowdowns. It also shows that multiple forms of malnutrition are evident in many countries, ranging from adult obesity growing even as forms of undernutrition persist.

Developed in collaboration with FAOIFADUNICEFWFP and WHO, the 2018 report reveals new challenges on the road to Zero Hunger, while setting out urgent actions needed to achieve the goal by 2030.

To learn more about the findings of the report, you can watch the report launch event, Facebook live session, or listen to the Target Zero Hunger podcast.

The report and press release are available in multiple languages.