Feed the Future
This project is part of the U.S. Government's global hunger and food security initiative.

Feed the Future Monitoring System (FTFMS) Resources Page 2018

This is FY18 Information posted below, For FY19 Information, please visit https://www.agrilinks.org/ftfms . 

This page houses key updates, information, and resources to assist those who are reporting into the Feed the Future Monitoring System (FTFMS). FTFMS is part of an interagency effort to consolidate USG reporting on Feed the Future activities. USAID, USDA, MCC, Peace Corps, Treasury, and the US-Africa Development Foundation contribute data to the system. FTFMS indicator data are the official data for Feed the Future, provide the foundation for the Feed the Future Progress Report, and inform decisions on future programming and budget allocations.

 Updates for the FY18 Reporting Season 

  • Data entry opens October 15 this year, and:
    • Closes November 16 for USAID IPs (all IM data due from IPs to --> Missions/OUs by this date)
    • Closes November 30 for USAID Missions / OUs (all IM and OU data due from OUs to -->> BFS MEL Team by this date)
    • See the detailed timeline below.
    • Note that the Interagency (USDA, MCC, PC, USADF, Treas,) are on a different timeline than USAID.
    • Note that USAID/FFP is on a different timeline than the rest of USAID, since data is coordinated through DCHA HQ.
  • NEW THIS YEAR!! -->>  See the new Feed the Future Indicator Handbook (published March 2018)
  • Read the FY18 FTFMS Guidance Document for this year’s instructions
  • Attend the annual FTFMS Webinar, held on Thursday, October 4. A recording and transcript are posted at the same link.
  • NEW THIS YEAR!! -->>  Template for the IM Performance Narrative – a Word document to help prepare your narrative before entering into FTFMS
  • NEW THIS YEAR!! -->>  Template for the FTF Key Issue Narrative – a Word document to help prepare your narrative before entering into FTFMS
  • As always, direct your FTFMS questions to support@ftfms.net or to your MEL technical advisor (list below)

 What Should You Be Doing Now to prepare? 

  • Make sure you and your Implementing Partners have an FTFMS account if you need one.  
    • To request an account, email support@ftfms.net. Please specify which Implementing Mechanism the user needs access to.
    • If you forgot your password or haven't logged in lately, you can reset it by clicking "Forgot Password" on the FTFMS login screen.
  • Check that all the identifying information for your projects is showing up in FTFMS (click the pencil icon next to your project title on the "Enter Mechanism Info" screen).  
    • Some data you can correct yourself directly in FTFMS, while other IM Details are not editable. If data needs to be filled in or corrected on a non-editable cell, please, contact your USAID POC (if you're an Implementing Partner) or your Program Office (if you're a USAID Mission) to make the correction in the Operational Plan in the FACTSInfo system, and the updates will automatically transfer to FTFMS overnight.
  • AORs/CORs: Check that all the appropriate indicators are selected for your project (go to the "Select Indicators & Commodities" menu item). Delete indicators you're no longer reporting on (click red "x" - it doesn't erase historical data), and/or click "Add Indicator" at the bottom to include new ones.
  • Start gathering your results data and preparing your IM Performance Narratives (one per project -- see template available on this page!) so you're ready when the system opens!  

 FY18 FTFMS Timeline for Data Entry & Review 

  • IP data entry:  Monday, Oct 15 - Friday, Nov 16  [5 weeks]
  • OU/Mission data review:  Monday, Nov 19 - Friday, Nov 30  [2 weeks]
  • BFS HQ review and OU corrections: Dec 1 - Feb 14

 Country Coverage FY18 

Country M&E Advisor
Afghanistan Julie Uwimana* (Madeleine Gauthier)
Bangladesh Lesley Perlman
Burma Lindsey Anna
Cambodia Lesley Perlman
India Lindsey Anna
Nepal Lesley Perlman
Pakistan Julie Uwimana* (Madeleine Gauthier)
Tajikistan Tatiana Pulido
Timor Leste Lindsey Anna
Latin America and the Caribbean
Guatemala Janina Mera
Haiti Melissa Levenger
Honduras Janina Mera
East Africa
Dem. Rep. Congo Lesley Perlman
Ethiopia Farzana Ramzan
Kenya Janina Mera
Rwanda Tatiana Pulido
South Sudan Lesley Perlman
Tanzania Melissa Levenger
Uganda Tatiana Pulido
West Africa
Ghana Madeleine Gauthier
Guinea Julie Uwimana* (Madeleine Gauthier)
Liberia Lindsey Anna
Mali Melissa Levenger
Niger Lindsey Anna
Nigeria Lindsey Anna
Senegal Madeleine Gauthier
Sierra Leone Julie Uwimana* (Madeleine Gauthier)
Southern Africa
Malawi Melissa Levenger
Mozambique Janina Mera
Zambia Melissa Levenger
Zimbabwe Janina Mera
Middle East and Eastern Europe
Egypt Julie Uwimana* (Melissa Levenger)
Georgia Julie Uwimana* (Melissa Levenger)
Yemen Julie Uwimana* (Melissa Levenger)
Regional Missions
Regional Missions Madeleine Gauthier
* Julie Uwimana on maternity leave through December 2018.