Feed the Future
This project is part of the U.S. Government's global hunger and food security initiative.

Feed the Future ZOI Survey Methods Toolkit

This landing page houses the Feed the Future Zone of Influence (ZOI) Survey Methods Toolkit, which provides mandatory technical guides, templates, and tools to standardize data collection processes and ensure data quality. These materials, combined with the close engagement of and technical advice from the Bureau for Food Security (BFS) Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) team, and the collaboration of the World Bank LSMS-ISA+ implementation team, where applicable, are designed to support the following guiding principles for implementing Feed the Future ZOI Surveys:

  • Collection, analysis, and reporting of accurate, complete, and high-quality data for decision-making
  • Standardization of technical approaches
  • Appropriate and consistent timing of survey implementation
  • Evaluation-focused sampling approach


Last updated January 23, 2019.

1.0   ZOI Survey Guidance for Target Countries
         plus overview webinar recording:
         Feed the Future ZOI Surveys: Guidance and Survey Toolkit
1.1   SOW template for Missions - endline/baseline (SBU)
1.2   SOW template for Missions - baseline only (SBU)
1.3   Study protocol - endline/baseline
1.4   Study protocol - baseline only
1.5   Budget template (SBU) 
1.6   Gantt chart: timeline and deliverables
1.7   Survey implementation tracker for activity managers
2.0   Core questionnaire
  • Agriculture modules in the core questionnaire include maize, common bean, cowpea, chickpea, coffee, groundnut, wheat, soybean, paddy rice, millet, pond aquaculture, dairy cow, and goat.
  • One-pager on LandPKS soil characterization module included in the ZOI Surveys
2.0a Using the Workbook Features of the ZOI Survey Questionnaire
2.1   Sampling manual and sample size calculator
2.2   Household listing manual 
2.3a Social Science Interviewer's manual
2.3b Agriculture interviewer's manual + video using auger to extract soil sample
2.4   Supervisor's manual 
2.5   Organization manual 
2.6   Quality Control and Support Team manual
2.7   In-Country Data Manager's manual
2.8   Guide to Feed the Future Statistics
2.9   Translation protocol
2.10  Questionnaire pretest protocol
2.11  Survey pretest protocol
2.12  Pilot protocol 
2.13  Anthropometry manual
2.14  Fieldwork monitoring trip report template 
2.15  Field check tables
2.16  CSPro data entry program (Android)
2.17  Codebook
2.18  Data processing and finalization procedures
2.19  Data analysis program (Stata)
3.0   ZOI Survey training materials    
        - ZOI Survey training manual
        - QCS Team training slides
        - Field Supervisor training slides
        - Social Science Interviewer training slides
        - Agriculture Interviewer training slides (FR)
        - Anthropometry training slides
        - In-Country Data Manager training slides
        - CAPI training slides
3.1   Training schedules (TOT, main training, data manager training)
3.2   Training quizzes (TOT, main training, data manager training)
3.3   Training sign-in sheet template 
4.0   Final report template - endline (comparative)
4.1   Final report template - baseline
4.2   Protocol for preparing data for public use   (USAID/BFS to prepare)
5.0   Feed the Future Indicator Handbook 
 Other related materials:
   - Average annual rate of change calculator
   - Archived population-based survey materials
         - Feed the Future Vol 8 Population-Based Survey
           Questionnaire, Baseline - Oct 2012 (link)
         - Feed the Future Vol 11 Guidance on Implementing the Mid-
           Term Assessment - March 2014 (link)
         - Feed the Future Vol 11 Population-Based Survey
           Questionnaire, Interim I - Oct 2014 (link)
         - Feed the Future Vol 11b ZOI Survey Country Report Template,
           Interim I - Jan 2016 (link)


Please contact Kiersten Johnson with any questions or comments about these materials.