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The Integrating Extremely Poor Producers into Markets Field Guide – Fourth Edition

The fourth edition of the Integrating Extremely Poor Producers into Markets Field Guide (Field Guide) was prepared by Dan Norell and Margie Brand for World Vision through the USAID Office of Food for Peace Nobo Jatra (a New Beginning) Development Food Security Activity in Bangladesh. Input for the fourth edition was provided by practitioners in workshops for Southeast Asia in Bangladesh, Eastern Africa in Tanzania and Ethiopia, West Africa in Ghana, Southern Africa in Malawi and Zimbabwe, Latin America in Haiti, and several workshops in Washington, D.C. 

The Field Guide is intended to provide practitioners with tools to improve the food security and nutrition of extremely poor households.

Some key areas of emphasis and tools in the fourth edition include:

  • Tool 1: Nutrition-sensitive Checklist
  • Tool 5: Village Agent Project Budget Checklist
  • Worksheet 1: Nutrition-sensitive Value Chain and Market Analysis Worksheet
  • Tool 6: Working with the Private Sector to Build a Village Agent Network Checklist
  • Tool 7: Selecting a Village Agent and Training Village Agents Workshop Checklist
  • Worksheet 22: Women’s Participation Improvement Worksheet

For more information on a USAID supported training event on the Field Guide, see the IBTBD.net article covering the training held for Development Food Assistance Program staff.

More information on the dissemination of the Field Guide can be found in the June 2014 Enterprise Development and Microfinance Journal article Building frontline market facilitators’ capacity: the case of the ‘Integrating Very Poor Producers into Value Chains Field Guide.

You can read the Integrating Extremely Poor Producers into Markets (3rd Edition) here