Feed the Future
This project is part of the U.S. Government's global hunger and food security initiative.

Job Posting: Deputy Assistant to the Administrator, USAID Bureau for Food Security

Announcement number: USAID - 18 - ES002
Opening date: May 15, 2018
Closing date: June 4, 2018

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The Bureau for Food Security (BFS) coordinates implementation of the U.S. Global Food Security Strategy (GFSS) through the Feed the Future (FTF) initiative and houses the Center for Resilience. BFS manages an annual budget of roughly $1 billion and draws on the strengths of 11 agencies across the U.S. Government (USG), while leveraging resources and efforts of other donors, multilateral organizations, the private sector, civil society, universities, research institutions and other stakeholders to accelerate inclusive agricultural growth to increase incomes, reduce hunger, poverty and undernutrition. BFS reviews and approves all FTF-related strategies for investments in FTF target countries, as well as complementary investments in regional programs, strategic partners and multilateral mechanisms. BFS also identifies resilience focus countries and provides technical assistance and program tracking for the Agency in those countries.

The Bureau, comprised of five offices and the Center for Resilience, brings together programmatic, technical, and regional expertise from throughout the Agency to help partner countries accelerate inclusive, agriculture-led growth, strengthen resilience and improve nutrition. BFS provides food security, nutrition, and resilience-related strategic, design, and implementation support to country, regional, and Washington-based operating units.


The Deputy Assistant to the Administrator in the Bureau for Food Security is responsible for having substantial day-to-day management responsibilities for the Bureau and spurring the Agency's efforts to promote resilience in places prone to recurrent humanitarian crises and substantially reducing global hunger and poverty. The incumbent is recognized as an Agency authority in formulating new policies and program objectives that have a broad or long-range impact on the resilience and food security programs of the Agency. The Deputy Assistant to the Administrator reports directly to the Assistant to the Administrator. Duties include:

  • Providing direction and management of large-scale Agency programs and operations to efficiently achieve specified goals and objectives for FTF as well as other food security and resilience-related programs.
  • Developing Agency policy in addressing cross-cutting issues associated with programs, including capacity development, natural resources management, partnerships, gender, research, innovation, youth, and governance.
  • Assisting FTF target countries and resilience focus countries in formulating their strategies, including policy priorities to create an environment for stability and long-term development.
  • Establishing and maintain effective working relationships with various high-level individuals, including members of Congress, executives from other legislative and executive agencies, major corporations, and distinguished members of the public.
  • Counseling senior management staff and officials at multiple levels of USAID and senior staff of other Federal, state and local government agencies on overall food security policy, programming and budgeting strategies and policies.
  • Providing technical advice and guidance to USAID missions in developing country strategic plans and in designing, implementing and evaluating programs and projects.
  • Advising on appropriate methods and techniques to use to achieve program goals and objectives.
  • Supervising a subordinate staff of senior managers and officials at multiple levels of USAID performing programmatic tasks.
  • Serving on interagency, national, and/or international special work groups, task forces, or expert panels on special projects or studies critical to the resolution of far-reaching operating issues and programs.
  • Performs human resource management functions relative to the staff supervised.

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