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September is Extension Month on Agrilinks!

The start of September may mean that summer is coming to an end, but it also means that Agrilinks’ extension theme month is just beginning and it's the perfect time to submit your content on extension!

As those in the agriculture sector know, effective agricultural extension and advisory services are a cornerstone to transforming agricultural systems and addressing global social and economic development objectives. 

But today, agriculture extension is rapidly changing. Once the purview of government extension agencies, the rise of access to information has resulted in increased competition in extension services. Now, both public and private organizations are active in extension and advisory services. New extension models have emerged, such as knowledge sharing between farmers and SMS messages. 

In September, join Agrilinks and partners Digital Green, IFPRI, and the Feed the Future Developing Local Extension Capacity (DLEC) project in sharing resources and thought leadership on extension and how it is evolving today. 

Four ways you can get involved in extension month: 

  1. Upload a blog post to Agrilinks!

Write a blog post sharing good practices, thought leadership, research or success stories on private sector extension. 

Need help thinking of a topic? Follow one of these prompts: 

  • Considering the sheer quantity of information available, how can extension services ensure that farmers are getting the right information for their needs?

  • How can extension services from one region benefit other regions?

  • How can we ensure agriculture extension services are serving farmers equitably?

  1. Join our webinar on Strengthening Private Sector Extension and Advisory Services on September 11.

Representatives from Digital Green, IFPRI and the DLEC project will speak to the future of agricultural extension and advisory services. Register today!

  1. Share an event.

Host an event on international extension and post it in Agrilinks’ event listing!

  1. Follow Agrilinks on Facebook and Twitter.

We’ll be sharing posts on private sector extension (and some beautiful photos) throughout the month!

We’re looking forward to hearing from our Agrilinks community on new ideas, tools, and resources to improve and expand extension. 

As always, contact the Agrilinks team with any questions at info@agrilinks.org