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This project is part of the U.S. Government's global hunger and food security initiative.

Technical Brief - Powering Three-Phase Electrical Devices from a Single-Phase Source

This brief is the one of four practical guides developed by the Energy Opportunities for Agricultural Systems and Food Security Project (E4AS). Funded by USAID’s Africa Bureau with field work in Senegal and Kenya, E4AS is implemented by Green Powered Technology in partnership with ACDI/VOCA. The objective of E4AS is to expand and focus information related to how clean energy (CE) and energy efficiency (EE) can strengthen post-harvest value chains and reduce loss in sub-Saharan Africa, while also contributing to low emission development strategies (LEDS) and incorporating gender-aware strategies.

Electrical utilities in most countries can provide a 3-phase connection, but it can require significant financial investment, months of bureaucratic hurdles and coordination of electrical installation. This was the situation faced by some of the dairies visited by the E4AS team. They were faced with significant delays in opening and significant additional costs from the public utility company to extend three-phase supply to their operation locations.

This brief summarizes several simple and inexpensive alternatives to create or simulate three-phase electrical supply at point of use.