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Technical Brief - Solar PV Options for Small-Scale Dairy Aggregators

This brief is the one of four practical guides developed by the Energy Opportunities for Agricultural Systems and Food Security Project (E4AS). Funded by USAID’s Africa Bureau with field work in Senegal and Kenya, E4AS is implemented by Green Powered Technology in partnership with ACDI/VOCA. The objective of E4AS is to expand and focus information related to how clean energy (CE) and energy efficiency (EE) can strengthen post-harvest value chains and reduce loss in sub-Saharan Africa, while also contributing to low emission development strategies (LEDS) and incorporating gender-aware strategies.

Field work during the E4AS found that power interruptions and local power costs affect the profitability of fresh camel and cattle milk sales. While project observations centered around primary chilling at small-scale cooperative dairies in Kenya, the key issues and lessons learned are applicable to broader small-scale cold chain aggregation applications.

E4AS’ report Clean Energy for Productive Use in Post-Harvest Value Chains: An Integrated Literature Review with Field Work for the Kenya and Senegal Dairy Sectors highlighted a number of different solar photovoltaics (PV) products as promising opportunities to improve uptake of clean energy in sub Saharan Africa. PVs offer an alternative power supply that can improve reliability of electric supply and lower overall electric costs.

This brief expands on this finding by highlighting a series of technical factors specific to uptake by small-scale dairy aggregators of PV technologies.