Feed the Future
This project is part of the U.S. Government's global hunger and food security initiative.

Tools and Strategies for Catalyzing Finance in the Agriculture Sector

In 2018, USAID produced a series of knowledge products to help global mission staff better integrate agricultural finance into mission activity within the context of the U.S. Government's Global Food Security Strategy (GFSS). These knowledge products are designed to help USAID staff better understand (i) the potential impact of agricultural finance, (ii) how to apply it in their day to day work, and (iii) learn from successful past examples of agricultural finance programming undertaken by USAID.

The knowledge products (linked in the sidebar) encompass topics like youth employment in agriculture, USAID tools for agricultural financing, case studies on successful past USAID engagements and understanding an agribusiness’ basic finances. Three types of knowledge products are available for download: podcasts, written primers, and trainings.

  • Podcasts: 20-minute interviews with expert practitioners on different topics in agricultural finance
    • Blended Finance for Agricultural Development – this podcast explores the role that blended finance can play in agriculture, featuring insights from Dan Zook, Executive Director of ISF Advisors.
    • Applying Agricultural Finance in Reality – in this podcast, two agricultural finance practitioners (Hal Carey and Mukhtar Amin) talk about lessons learned from two different USAID projects in Ethiopia and Tanzania that helped catalyze private sector investment in agriculture
  • Primers: short 3-5 page documents which outline various facets of agricultural finance
    • Driving Impact through Agricultural Finance Interventions – this primer showcases the importance of agricultural finance to economic development and includes examples of the impact of successful interventions.
    • USAID Agricultural Finance Tools – this primer explores the five principal tools available for USAID mission staff to implement financial interventions in agriculture: grants, guarantees, policy advocacy, convening and technical assistance.
    • Using Blended Finance to Mobilize Capital for Agricultural Development – this primer reviews the fundamentals of blended finance, the substantial potential impact it can have in agriculture, and several case studies of blended finance in agriculture.
    • Case Study: Improving the Investment Climate for Agriculture in Ethiopia – this primer outlines an impactful USAID engagement that resulted in policy recommendations for the Ethiopian government which upon implementation significantly increased private investment in agriculture.
    • Case Study: Driving New Investments into Agriculture in Tanzania’s Edible Oils Sector – this primer showcases a successful USAID program aimed at helping the Tanzanian government enact policy reform to increase private investment in a key agricultural sector.
  • Trainings: 90-minute interactive recorded video webinars, presented and moderated by Dalberg Advisors and USAID staff members