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Update to the Mali VcCLIR 2011/2012 Assessment: Contract Enforcement and Seed Regulation Recommendations

This 2018 Mali Value Chain Commercial, Legal, and Institutional Reform (VcCLIR) assessment revisits selected recommendations from an original 2011 Mali VcCLIR, which consisted of a structured, qualitative analysis of the business enabling environment focused on the livestock, rice, millet, and sorghum value chains in Bamako and Sikasso, Mali. Reflecting upon changes that have occurred durign this period of time, the updated 2018 Mali VcCLIR assessment determines whether original recommendations remain relevant reform priorities. The 2018 VcCLIR enters on two solutions proposed under the broad category of contracts and three solutions that fall under the broad category of accessing seeds.

The updated assessment engaged with stakeholders from the private sector, public sector, and civil society with direct experience or special insights into the rice, millet, and sorghum value chains. The updated assessment is based on key informant interviews with traders, extension officers, nongovernmental organizations, processors, financial institutions, lawyers, and customs officials as well as with focus group discussions among smallholder farmers. Findings are based on triangulating information between these different stakeholders and available information across the cereal value chains in the regions.