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A Handbook for Working with Smallholders

The latest edition of the “Working with Smallholders” handbook, published in December 2018 by the World Bank Group, aims to enable the development of more sustainable, resilient and productive agribusiness supply chains, and to illustrate their developmental impact. Smallholder farmers present both opportunities and challenge for agribusinesses. While calls for fairer, more inclusive supply chains will hasten this trend, developing and strengthening smallholder supply chains remains a challenge.

This handbook compiles innovative solutions to these challenges, incorporating case studies from across diverse regions and agribusiness sectors. The second edition incorporates numerous changes in approaches and methodologies that have occurred since the original publication (in 2014), as well as a larger compilation of lessons learned from project implementation. Although written principally to outline training and assistance needs and opportunities for the private sector, the handbook may be useful for governmental, non-governmental and academic institutions working with smallholders. 

A digital version of the book can be found under "Resources" on the right hand side of this post, or at Google Books, ISSUU, and SCRIBD. A print version can be purchased on Amazon.