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The Latest in Ag Extension: A Video Storytelling Toolkit

In keeping with the ICT4Ag theme of this month on Agrilinks, we are pleased to share "A Video Storytelling Method to Enhance Agricultural Extension," a handbook that we prepared for a workshop held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania on June 13, 2017. Representatives from the Tanzanian government, university researchers, NGOs working in Tanzania and donor organizations attended the workshop, which was organized by the Global Center for Food Systems Innovation (GCFSI) at Michigan State University, in collaboration with Farm Input Promotions (FIPS) Africa. The workshop was based on several years of experience working with narrative videos as an approach to extension in GCFSI projects in Malawi and Kenya. GCFSI is funded through the Higher Education Solutions Network program at USAID.

The handbook addresses the following topics that may be useful to other organizations seeking to use narrative storytelling videos as educational tools:

  • Developing a narrative, storytelling style to communicate content
  • Involving community members and extension professionals in content creation that is contextually relevant
  • Implementing a screening strategy that enhances exposure to and understanding of video content
  • Coordinating and combining dissemination of video content with other communication media
  • Evaluating outcomes from the use of both participatory and narrative storytelling videos

More information about GCFSI and its projects can be found at gcfsi.isp.msu.edu.