Feed the Future
This project is part of the U.S. Government's global hunger and food security initiative.


This online training provides a brief overview of developments in global food grain and food retail markets, and how these developments affect small farmer opportunities to sell to export markets and growing urban and middle-income domestic markets. Changes affecting small farmers, discussed in this 22 minute module, include food industry concentration, vertically integrated supply chains, increased trade in value-added products, and the emergence of food standards. The module concludes with considerations for development professionals as they go about designing programs to help small farmers compete in globalized markets.

Although the presentation is not a deep analysis of data and evidence supporting these changes, the module offers broad insights into the behavior of agriculture markets and market participants – traders, sellers, and buyers – as they adjust to trends in consumer demand.

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Feeding A Hungry Planet
USAID Support to Small Farmers
Module Objectives
Major Trends in Global Grain and Food Retail Markets Affecting Small Farmers
Trend 1: Food Industry Concentration
Trend 2: Vertically Integrated Supply Chains
Trend 3: Financialization of Food Commodities
Trend 4: Changing Behavior of Grain Traders
Trend 5: Increased Trade in Processed & Value-Added Products
Trend 6: Emergence of Food Standards
Demystifying Food Safety Standards: Dr. Steven Jaffe
Key Points: Jaffe Interview
Key Project Design Factors To Help Farmers Compete in Globalized Markets
Feed the Future

Total time: 22 minutes