Casey Harrison, Nuru International, Impact and Learning Director

Casey Harrison

United States Impact and Learning Director Nuru International

Casey was born and raised on a farm in rural Maryland, and he has spent the past ten years working at the nexus of smallholder farming in Africa and natural resource management. As a Peace Corps Volunteer in Luapula Province, Zambia (2009-11), he worked as an agricultural extension agent with the Linking Income, Food, and the Environment program. After Peace Corps, Casey received a dual M.A. in Natural Resource Management and International Affairs from American University in Washington D.C and the University for Peace in Costa Rica. From 2013 to 2016, he began working with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) on mitigating the negative environmental and social impacts of agricultural production and value chains with a focus on East and Southern Africa. Casey started working at Nuru International in 2016 and has dedicated his time and energy to supporting the local Nuru teams in areas of agronomics, micro-finance, climate-smart agriculture, and resilience. In his free time, Casey enjoys travelling, backpacking, biking, and live music of all kinds.

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