Erick Ombija

Kenya Founder &CEO Grassroots Transforming Network CBO (GTN)

Erick is the Founder & Lead Researcher on Rural Youth Employment at Grassroots Transforming Network CBO, Everyday Expert, Public Speaker, Youth Advocate, Volunteer, Writer by Passion and Project Manager by Volition.

He is a dedicated Non-professional Researcher and Youth Employment Advocate,with over five years of experience in developing, managing and organizing youth empowerment programs. As a Peer-to-Peer Lead Researcher, he researches extensively on Rural Youth Employment and Livelihoods under Green Jobs (Innovative Agriculture & Integrated Environmental Conservation) and Vocational Learning in Informal Economy.

After serving as Chairman to High School Student Council and having faced challenges of school fees, Erick founded Arise Pamoja Community Programme in December 2012, a month after completing his final high school exams.The programme evolved to Youth 4 Youth Initiative in January 2014. In January 2015, the initiative metamorphosed to GTN and was registered as a community based organization.We long to register as a national non-profit based on the nature and scope of our commitment but we lack funding partners making our designed projects to remain in paper form

During these tough times,Erick has resounding track record in championing youth empowerment in Kenya

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