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Pearl Coleman Ackah

Ghana Private Sector Team Lead USAID/Ghana

Pearl Coleman Ackah is the United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Private Sector Team Leader in Ghana. With 20 years of experience in managing, designing, and implementing developmental projects, associated with agricultural value chains, access to finance and Trade; Mrs. Ackah advises USAID staff and partners how to expand market access, build stronger business linkages, improve management, implement effective communication and technological tools, and orient their business activities to achieve broad-based economic development. She fosters the participation of the Private Sector in development goals. She also works in the policy environment with the government of Ghana in the trade, agriculture, and finance Ministries supporting the development of sector strategies and assisting in their implementation. Mrs. Ackah applies her expert experience to the strategy development and implementation of U.S. government policies and initiatives agreed with the government of Ghana. She is passionate about SME development and youth engagement. Mrs. Ackah holds a B.A. in Economics and Psychology and a M.A. in Economic Policy Management.

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