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Rajab Mukiibi

Uganda Director Native Kids

My name is Rajab Mukiibi, the director of Native Kids foundation. A child development outreach organization working to empower children and the young people to embrace adulthood as independent and contributing members of the community.

I hold a diploma in procurement and supply chain management from Makerere Business School, in 2009.

Although we are a children development organization, our programs reach far beyond children's scope and includes livelihood support in which we deal with agricultural support to the vulnerable families in the communities we serve.

In our works, we mobilize, organize and empower women, youths and persons with disabilities into agricultural production groups. They pool resources and frequently meet to share information on mindset change, farm inputs, finance literary, and post harvest food handling. We have managed to sustain 4 farming groups for the last two years amidst the limited resources at the organization.

The power of our success is entirely on network development, farmers education and information sharing.

Joining this platform will strengthen our knowledge base as an institution and further share with our success stories as well as learning from others' tales.

Areas of Expertise: