Wamae Mwangi, a director at Grekkon Limited- Irrigation Hub in Kenya

Wamae Mwangi

Kenya Director Grekkon Limited

Wamae Mwangi is an agribusiness leader currently, a director at Grekkon Limited - Irrigation Hub,  a top irrigation, water conservation, and green energy firm in Kenya that is shaping the the African irrigation and green energy sector. 

Previously, he has lead teams in global fertilizer multinationals, where he established their operations in Kenya. He was responsible for; building innovative teams, developing brands in new African markets, creating partnerships, but above all, leaving a trail of empowered African farmers.

Wamae Mwangi's key business drivers are: leadership, innovation, relationships, empowerment 

Specialties: fertilizer, agro-chemicals, hybrid vegetable seed, green energy, water conservation, and irrigation systems.

Areas of Expertise: