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This project is part of the U.S. Government's global hunger and food security initiative.

Agrilinks Community Guidelines

Welcome to Agrilinks!

On Agrilinks, you gain access to tools, news and knowledge to build a food-secure future. Join a force of thousands of food security specialists and agriculturalists from around the world.

At Agrilinks, we are committed to fostering a community based on trust, diversity and respect. We aim to ensure that conversations and content on the site are productive, reflect diversity, and relate to food security and agriculture.

We created this set of guidelines to share what Agrilinks is about and how to participate in the community.

The Agrilinks Basics

  • To engage with Agrilinks, create an Agrilinks account. Include a bio, a photo, indicate your expertise, and meet thousands of other Agrilinks members.
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  • Share your research, tools and results!
    With your Agrilinks account, you can post a blog on the site and share information with the Agrilinks community. Once you create and save the blog, the Agrilinks team will review it for grammar and relevance, and then aim to post within a week, depending on the editorial calendar.
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  • Have a webinar or event? Use your Agrilinks account to upload it to Agrilinks.
    With your Agrilinks account, you can upload promotional details on an event. Include a link to registration, the dates, and a description. Once you create and save the blog, the Agrilinks team will review it for grammar and relevance, and then aim to post within two days.
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  • Share your thoughts by commenting on posts.
    With an Agrilinks account, you can express your opinions on our posts and further the conversation. Post comments that are informed, productive and respectful.
    To view new comments on a post, you must refresh the page.

Discover Agrilinks

  • See the latest news, research and tools on agriculture and food security.
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  • Peruse Agrilinks for the latest opportunities such as contests, funding announcements, and more.
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  • Find experts across of range of issues related to food security and agriculture, from markets and trade to resilience.
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  • View different Feed the Future and USAID projects in food security and agriculture. Learn about their programming and latest updates.
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  • Check out events happening in the food security realm! Register for webinars, livestreaming sessions and in-person events.
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Participate in Agrilinks


  • Post your original content.
  • Post content and comments that are productive and respectful.
  • Where possible, cite your statements.
  • If you have feedback about the site, click “leave feedback” on the bottom righthand of the site.


  • Don’t plagiarize.
  • Don’t be disrespectful.
  • Don’t promote illegal activities.
  • Don’t use explicit language.
  • Don’t invade the privacy of others.
  • Don’t spread misinformation.

If we determine that the content violates our Community Guidelines, we may delete the content.