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Webinar: A Customer-Centric Lens for Good Agricultural Practices

Event Date: 
Sep 26, 2019
2:30 pm to 3:30 pm EDT
Online Event


While Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) can help farmers achieve high quality yields, the long list of principles that apply to on-farm production and postproduction processes can be difficult for smallholder farmers to adopt. An adaptive approach to GAP requires market actors and implementers to take a customer-centric approach — understanding the experiences, motivations, aspirations, and constraints of individual farmers and tailoring products and services to their specific contexts and needs.

Adaptive GAP focuses on:

  1. Segmenting farmers based on factors that will determine the most appropriate GAP, such as net revenue and cultural and social norms; and
  2. Identifying pathways for adopting and maintaining GAP by segment

Building on Agrilinks' extension theme for September, join us for the first webinar in MEDA INNOVATE's learning series. The presentations and discussion will focus on the benefits of adaptive GAP, how they relate to customer centricity, and how implementers can incorporate this approach in their programming. Presenters will draw on practical lessons and best practice from INNOVATE's diverse project portfolio, and share insights into challenges and opportunities for adaptive GAP from the Chithumba model for soybean farmers, implemented by INNOVATE partner Agronomy Technology Ltd. (ATL) in Malawi.

Webinar Speakers

Nick Ramsing
Technical Director, Market Systems Global Programs @MEDA
Nick Ramsing directs MEDA’s inclusive market systems area of practice, supporting projects globally in private sector engagement, trade, value chains and finance. Nick has over 20 years of experience as a project manager and consultant, with significant expertise in business modelling, data analysis and visualization and application development. Nick is passionate about lean analytics, design thinking and innovation, and contributes to MEDA’s design and implementation of new enterprise, investment and supply chain models.
Anne-Cécile Delwaide
Independent Management Consultant
Anne-Cécile Delwaide is an independent management consultant with a background in agricultural economics and agricultural engineering. She has various international experiences in both private and public sectors. She led the development and implementation of an alternative financing mechanism derived from traditional contract farming in Malawi; the Chithumba model. Anne-Cécile promotes evidence-based strategic approach to rural development. In 2018, with support from MEDA and under the INNOVATE initiative; she conducted a case-study assessing the demand and uptake for the services offered under the Chithumba model. She currently provides project management services in the water infrastructure sector to local government in New Zealand.

About MEDA INNOVATE's Learning Agenda
This webinar is presented by the MEDA INNOVATE initiative. INNOVATE - Adoption of Agricultural Innovations through Non-Traditional Financial Services, is a three-year project implemented by MEDA and funded by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC). The learning agenda will assess the potential of non-traditional finance to promote agricultural innovation adoption among smallholder farmers across East Africa, South America, and South Asia. INNOVATE’s learning resources are tailored to provide policymakers, implementers, and donors with practical insights and forward-looking solutions.

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