Feed the Future
This project is part of the U.S. Government's global hunger and food security initiative.

Enabling the Business of Agriculture Dissemination Plan

The primary objective of the Enabling the Business of Agriculture (EBA) dissemination plan is to promote sustained awareness, engagement, interest, and uptake of the EBA index among key audiences and stakeholders in supporting the enabling environment in agriculture within the wider context of Feed the Future and the Global Food Security Strategy. The plan identifies multi-pronged knowledge management, strategic communications, and learning approaches on how best to improve the understanding, applicability, and usage of EBA in USAID’s program cycle. Further, the plan provides actionable, clear approaches for inciting and accelerating in-country policy dialogue on reforming key economic constraints for a more sustainable and resilient market system. It takes the learning from some of the activities to date and intends to offer tactics that can be implemented by Feed the Future Enabling Environment for Food Security project, USAID, and/or other partners. While the focus of the plan is inherently dissemination, it acknowledges the other critical complementary area of support which is specific tactics to support feedback loops so that input and learning generated from stakeholders can be fed back to the USAID and the World Bank’s EBA team.