Feed the Future
This project is part of the U.S. Government's global hunger and food security initiative.

Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation and USAID Announce Funding Opportunity for Private Sector Partnerships

Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation has launched a new solicitation on behalf of USAID's Bureau for Food Security for new private sector partnerships. 
Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation and USAID seek to partner with private sector businesses to empower farmers with the tools and technologies they need to face the wide range of emerging threats and shocks in smallholder agriculture. These shared value partnerships will leverage business growth for development impact and make existing and proven solutions available to smallholder farmers to address pest, disease, and weather-related food security threats. Helping smallholders access capital and resources, build assets, and manage risk are important strategies to prepare for and recover from these threats and shocks. 
Through these activities and investments, private sector agribusinesses will target smallholder customers with proven solutions to these emerging threats, thereby improving smallholder production and regional food security, while also establishing profitable product lines and expanding market opportunities for sustainable business growth.
Partnering for Innovation is pleased to invite registered for-profit businesses that meet the requirements of the Request for Applications (RFA) to submit an application for an award. The RFA and other related documents can be found on the funding page of Partnering for Innovation’s website. The proposed projects are anticipated to begin in January 2019 and end on or before January 31, 2021. Overall funding from Partnering for Innovation for this solicitation is up to $3 million with up to five partnerships anticipated. Proposals must make business sense for the partner and must clearly demonstrate a significant impact for smallholder farmers in addressing, managing, and mitigating the threats of emerging pest, disease, and weather-related events.
Applications are due by October 3, 2018. All questions regarding the solicitation will be answered in writing and posted publicly at https://www.partneringforinnovation.org/funding-opportunities-1.