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This project is part of the U.S. Government's global hunger and food security initiative.

What’s on the Horizon for Policy Programming for Food Security?

As the U.S. Agency for International Development embraces the notion of journey to self-reliance, we’ll continue programming to support country commitments and capabilities toward agricultural transformation, including the ability to design and implement effective policies and policy processes that shape the development of agriculture and food markets, the resilience of firms and households and improve trends in nutrition.

Policy change is complex, no doubt. But when local stakeholders are working in the right direction, our support with policy analysis and policy dialogue can strengthen their steps. We’ve also learned that policy analysis can inspire debates and decisions that may otherwise not have been on the table.

Though Policy Month on Agrilinks has come to a close, we’ll continue partnering with others in advancing our collective understanding and progress of policies that lead to more food security societies.

Keep up with our partners, who continue to ask the right questions and work diligently to get answers:

And let’s continue the conversation. Stay tuned to:

  • Forthcoming policy and governance posts right here on Agrilinks,

  • Our upcoming webinar series on Measuring Policy Change, and

  • For USAID staff, a forthcoming revised Agriculture Advanced Topics Policy Training Course.

Thanks for joining us! And thank you to everyone for your outstanding policy submissions to Agrilinks across the month of June. It has been an outstanding success, and we have learned and benefited together from your research and experience.