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Soybean Innovation Lab April 2018 Newsletter

Have a look at SIL's April News! 

SIL's April 2018 Newsletter features the following articles: 
  • SIL Develops Hazard Analysis Rubric for Soy Dairy Processing Equipment - SIL has developed a list of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) for Soy Dairy Processing Equipment. The information focuses on soy milk production and identifies various ways that soy foods can be contaminated or damaged through errors or faults in the production process.
  • SoyCow Co-Op and SIL Collaborate to Evaluate Benchmark Data and Business Performance - SIL’s Soy Food Entrepreneur Network links soy food producers from across Africa with the goal of developing sustainable businesses.  Recordkeeping and benchmarking are critical components of sound and sustainable soy dairy businesses.
  • Mark Your Calendars for These Upcoming Webinars! SIL is hosting webinars on April 25th (Complementary Food for Africa: New Products and Approaches for Improved Childhood Nutrition) and May 9th (Focus Groups 101: Brief Guide to Conducting Focus Groups in Village Settings). 
  • SIL Webinars Lead the Way Providing Soy Technical Knowledge and Expertise - We have a complete listing of SIL’s webinars in our Media Gallery!
  • Learn about SIL's Research for Development Strategy! - SIL’s strategy emphasizes the value of evidence-based development and the importance of listening to development partner needs.
  • SIL Team Spotlight - Kelly Lower and Taylor Yarbrough