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Webinar on FY18 FTFMS Reporting {Feed the Future MEL Webinar Series}

Event Date: 
Oct 04, 2018
9:00 am to 10:30 am EDT
Online Event
Feed the Future


The recording and transcript of this webinar are now available!

Please join the Feed the Future Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) team for a webinar to kick off this year's Feed the Future Monitoring System (FTFMS) reporting season! This event will be useful for both new and veteran system users, and we encourage all FTFMS users (Feed the Future Implementing Partners, Mission staff, and BFS headquarters staff reporting into FTFMS) to attend. For more information on the FTFMS reporting process, please view the 2018 FTFMS Resources Page.


  • Welcome & Intro 
  • FTFMS Overview - what it is, why we have it, who uses it 
  • Basic reporting requirements for FY18 data entry - who does what 
  • Timeline for FY18 data entry - IPs, OUs, Interagency 
  • Key changes/highlights for FY18, including:
    • --New Handbook
    • --New set of indicators:
      • Perf vs. context; 
      • Archived vs. New vs. Tweaked; 
      • IM-level vs. ZOI-level vs. National-level, etc.
      • SPS & FTF indicators
      • Timing of indicator availability & report availability
    • --Transition to using new set of Indicators - who? when?
    • --Emphasis on purpose of Narratives
    • --Importance of data quality and accuracy + examples uses
  • Live demo of Data Entry steps:
    • IM Details
    • Select Indicators & Commodities
    • Enter Results & Targets
    • Enter Narratives
    • Submit to next workflow step
  • Geocoding portion of FTFMS 
  • Tricky indicator data entry specifics:
    • EG.3.2-26 - Value of Annual Sales
    • EG.3-2 - # indiv participating
    • EG.3.2-24  - # indiv applying
    • EG.3.2-25 - # hectares under improved mgmt
    • EG.3.2-27 - Value of ag financing
    • EG.3-10, -11, -12 - yield
  • Tips
    • FACTSInfo vs. FTFMS (OP connection and roll-up for PPR)
    • Report % and $
    • Zero vs. blank
    • Commodity assignments to Commodity indicators
    • Baselines
    • Disaggregates & double-counting
    • System calculations on -screen vs. Reports
  • Q&A (Throughout the webinar and at the end)


Photo of Katie West
Feed the Future Monitoring System Lead
USAID Bureau for Food Security
Photo of Julie MacCartee
KM & Learning Specialist
USAID Bureau for Food Security
Senior Program Advisor M&E
USAID Bureau for Food Security
Open Data
USAID Bureau for Food Security


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