Angela Pashayan

Angela Pashayan

United States Intern & PhD Student USAID & Howard University

Angela Pashayan is at the end of her Ph.D. studies at Howard University in Washington, DC. Her expertise in Political Science and International Relations provides a measured perspective on geopolitical issues, including her particular interest in Poverty Reduction in the slums of Kenya. She graduated with Honors from Norwich University; MA in Diplomacy and Int’l Relations, minor in International Commerce. Her undergraduate degree is from UCLA with time in London at Richmond University. Her travels to learn about geopolitics and development issues include: Peru, India, Nepal, Australia, Tanzania, Kenya, Cuba, Indonesia, UAE, Bahrain, Jordan and Oman. She has 13 years of experience developing and managing innovative poverty reduction programs; some failed, some succeeded. In November 2018 she was selected by the Atlantic Council for a student deliberation on geopolitical stability. Since then she has published work in Foreign Policy Magazine, and academic journals. In 2020 she presented her research at conferences in South Africa, Atlanta, and Chicago, and sat on a panel for ‘Ambitious Development’ at the British International Studies Association.

Born and raised in Compton, California, her father was a community leader and her mother, a school teacher and business owner. Her commitment to the human condition comes from the fact that her home in Compton was the center of problems being solved, people being inspired, and business ideas being generated to improve the economic conditions of poverty. Angela regularly attends the World Bank and IMF annual and spring meetings in Washington, DC for CSOs. Her doctoral dissertation is on "A different approach to poverty reduction in the informal settlements of Nairobi, Kenya."  

Angela is currently looking for permanent work in Washington, DC in Inclusive Development and Food Security.

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